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Not all companies are honest, trustworthy, and ethical. In fact, many corporations and businesses are not—and they routinely put consumers, employees, and subcontractors at risk in order to increase their profits. These companies may engage in fraudulent practices, bad faith tactics, deceptive advertising, or discrimination on a regular basis. When this occurs, consumers and workers need someone on their side who can hold these companies and corporations accountable for their transgressions.

The Philadelphia attorneys at Golomb & Honik have a national reputation for achieving success in consumer class action lawsuits, toxic torts, dangerous drug cases and personal injury claims. If you believe that a large company or corporation has violated your rights or caused you pain and suffering, call us at 1-800-355-3300 or 1-215-985-9177 immediately to evaluate your case.

Our lawyers also have the unique ability to apply extensive experience in civil litigation to a broad range of commercial and consumer disputes on a contingent fee basis. Golomb & Honik proudly represents consumers and workers from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and throughout the United States who have been the victims of insurance bad faith, workplace discrimination, civil racketeering and First Amendment violations among other fraudulent or unfair acts.

Our attorneys have recovered noteworthy verdicts and settlements in a broad range of commercial and consumer litigation, including cases related to:

Fighting the Insurance Companies and Winning

If your disability insurance provider denies your claim, there are ways to fight. At Golomb & Honik, our disability insurance attorneys have gone head-to-head with large insurance companies and won. We can help get you the compensation you rightfully deserve after your insurance company has wrongfully denied your claim.

Taking on Employment Discrimination

Businesses and employers are not legally allowed to discriminate against an employee based on age, race, sex, disability, religion, or sexual orientation. Unfortunately, even in today’s day and age, unlawful employee discrimination still occurs in a variety of industries. If you have been the victim of discrimination on the job, it is important to know that the law is on your side. The employment discrimination lawyers at Golomb & Honik have been protecting workers’ rights in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, & across the United States for decades.

Commercial and Consumer Rights on a Contingency Basis

At Golomb & Honik, we believe that everyone has a right to pursue justice. Large companies and corporations that are responsible for your injuries or for violating your rights often have deep pockets and large legal teams on their side. We believe in fighting for the consumer and for the individuals who have been wronged—and we don’t believe that your financial status should prevent you from seeking justice and retribution.

That’s why we offer our commercial and consumer rights legal services on a contingency basis. This means that we don’t get paid until we collect for you—it’s that simple. No recovery—no fee. Our law firm has the resources and experience to take on even the largest corporation—and win. Working on a contingency basis allows us to share in the risks of litigation and perfectly align our interests with yours.

Philadelphia Commercial & Consumer Rights Lawyers

If you or someone you love has suffered from unfair, discriminatory, or fraudulent commercial practices, it is important to seek legal help immediately. Workers and consumers who have been injured or victimized by companies and businesses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or across the United States may be able to file a lawsuit. To learn more about your rights and legal options, call the Philadelphia commercial & consumer rights lawyers at Golomb & Honik today at 1-800-355-3300 or 1-215-985-9177 or fill out our confidential Contact Form.

The national class action lawyers at Golomb & Honik have successfully represented individuals throughout the United States.

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