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Whether at home or in the workplace, the use of a defective machine that you believe to be safe can result in severe injury or death.

The Philadelphia product liability attorneys at Golomb & Honik represent those who suffered preventable injuries through the use of poorly designed or manufactured machinery.

Types of Defective Machinery

In addition to recovering compensation for victims of defective machinery, our experience in individual and consumer class action claims against the manufacturers of defective machinery has led to recalls and increased safety measures for a number of products.

Our product liability lawyers have achieved notable verdicts and settlements in defective machinery cases including those involving:

  • Conveyor belt injuries
  • Snowblower injuries
  • Lawnmower injuries
  • Forklift injuries
  • Tiki torch injuries
  • Small kitchen appliances injuries

Whether a machine has a design flaw, is prone to a manufacturing defect or lacks adequate warnings, our attorneys have more than three decades of success leading product liability cases backed up by the resources and will to challenge the companies who exercise negligence in putting defective machines into the hands of consumers and workers.

If you suffered an injury that you suspect was caused by defective machinery, please contact the Philadelphia product liability attorneys at Golomb & Honik for your free case evaluation. We welcome prospective clients from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and across the country.

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